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Bluecar at the heart of an ecosystem

By making Bluecar the centrepiece of its system, Autolib’ has demonstrated that it is not limiting itself to car sharing. Instead, it has created an entire system based on eco-friendly ideas, from how the car is built to how it is used every day.

A collection of innovations to promote energy transition

The centrepiece: the Bluecar

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Technologie Autolib bluecar
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a city car for everybody

The Bluecar, a 4-seater electric city car, was designed specifically for car sharing. It uses LMP® technology in a unique battery designed specifically for the Bluecar. This battery provides a safe 250-km range in urban areas. With Bluecar, Île-de-France becomes an easy place to live and drive. 

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a utility vehicle for professionals

Company employees, craftspeople, and local government employees can get behind the wheel of the Blueutility, a reliable, affordable, and eco-friendly electric utility vehicle, available for car sharing through the Utilib’ service. With a 1.4-m³ adaptable loading space capable of carrying up to 255 kg, these vehicles meet the needs of professionals who need to be on the move. 


The LMP® battery:

Batterie LMP

An exclusive battery for eco-friendly travel

Developed over 20 years ago by the Bolloré Group, lithium metal polymer (LMP®) batteries are the key to creating safe and reliable electric cars. They are dry batteries composed of 100% French-made cells and they unaffected by temperature variations. Furthermore, the integrity of their packaging is guaranteed, preventing any risk of pollution. 
LMP® batteries, which are free of solvents, cobalt, and rare earth elements, rise to the challenge of transitioning to clean transportation methods and smart energy management. 

Working hand-in-hand with subsidiaries

By creating Autolib’, the Bolloré Group created a dynamic ecosystem focused on the future of urban transport in France and around the globe. That includes electric vehicles, batteries, charging terminals, information systems, and assistance. 
The Group’s various subsidiaries work together at all times to guarantee reliable service and greater operability. This translates into a range of electric cars (the Bluecars equipped with Blue Solutions LMP® batteries), recharging infrastructure, IER rental technology (the self-service mobile terminals), and the Polyconseil information system. 

Implantation de Blue Solutions dans le monde

Blue Solutions is not stopping at car sharing

Blue Solutions

Publicly traded since 30 October 2013, Blue Solutions oversees the electricity storage activities of its parent company, the Bolloré Group. The 20 years of research that led to the development of LMP® batteries have also led to the development of eco-friendly travel options (car sharing, bus, cars, trams, etc.) and solutions for electricity storage for individuals, companies, and local governments. All of these applications were developed and sold by Blue Solutions and various Group entities grouped under Blue Applications since 2011, a rapid development on all continents.

Blue Solutions

The Bolloré Group


Founded in 1822, the Bolloré Group is one of the 500 largest companies in the world. 
Though the company is publicly traded, the Bolloré family still holds the majority of shares. The stability of its shareholders makes it possible for the company to focus on long-term investments. Through its diversification strategy based on innovation and international development, the company now holds strong positions in each of its three sectors: transport and logistics, communication, and electricity storage solutions. In addition to these three activities, the Group also manages a number of financial holdings.