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Autolib' Autolib'

The Bluecar is a new way of moving in the city!


  • A flexible deal that grows as your needs do.
  • Freedom of choice for employees.
  • Smart corporate stewardship.
  • Simple and convenient management.
  • A wide range of options (number of hours and number of users).

The service includes free-of-charge cost optimization: we will bill you based on the package deal that best fits your consumption at the end of each month (to limit additional costs for you if you use the service more or less than you expected).

  Package Number of hours per month  Price per month Extra employee
Up to 5 employees Forfait pro 15 15 195€(1) 10€ HT per extra employee
Up to 10 employees Forfait pro 25 25 310€(1) 10€ HT per extra employee
Forfait pro 50 50 600€(1)
Up to 50 employees Forfait pro 100 100 1 180€(1) 10€ HT per extra employee
Forfait pro 200 200 2 350€(1)
Forfait pro 500 500 5 650€(1)
Up to 200 employees Forfait pro 1000 1000 11 000€(1) 10€ HT per extra employee
Forfait pro 2000 2000 21 300€(1)