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Autolib' Autolib'

Autolib’ will change the lives of the Paris area and the Île-de-France region’s inhabitants.  It will also change transport for tourists. It’s a new way of thinking about the city and transport for millions of people. How about for yourself?

The Autolib’ revolution is coming. And no one will be left behind. Do you live in Paris or the surrounding area? Are you visiting the region? Our self-service electric car plan will change your life, giving you freedom and serenity and will transform your journeys with silent, comfortable and fast-moving transport.


Almost 100 communes involved in the project represent 4,035,894 inhabitants at the heart of this new way of experiencing transport. But access to Autolib’ is not only for them. All the Île-de-France inhabitants, around 7 million more people, are included. Not to mention the 27 million tourists, 18 million of which are foreigners, who will also be able to use Autolib’.


Whether you’re a young driver or experienced behind the wheel, the Autolib’ rates are the same! This is a real advantage for all young drivers looking for an economical and practical solution to their driving needs.