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Autolib' Autolib'

A unique technology for smart energy management.

Batterie LMP Born in Britanny, at the Bolloré Group industrial site in Ergué-Gabéric, Blue Solutions batteries are the result of an ambitious research and development programme that started over 20 more years ago.

These LMP (Lithium Metal Polymer) batteries, protected by over 160 patents, are totally solid state, which represents a major innovation in the battery industry. They are outstandingly powerful, have a high energy density and are entirely safe to use. They offer unprecedented autonomy and are not sensitive to changes in climatic conditions. These batteries meet the requirements of many different industries and meet the two main challenges poses by the energy transition: the development of clean transport and smart management of energy.

The LMP battery is particularly suited to urban and suburban electrically powered means of transport. Compact, light and totally safe, it provides unparalleled autonomy of 250km.

Batterie LMP

The Bluecar used for the carsharing service Autolib ', launched in December 2011, have already been driven more than 53 million kilometers with no major incident and have been used more than 6 million times. In addition, because it has a long life expectancy and is operated at a distance, the LMP battery is a unique storage solution for other industries and sectors such as for medical uses where power cuts are simply not acceptable.

Blue Solutions already had two battery production sites in Brittany and in Canada. Pooling of talent, technology and equipment by the two sites allowed sufficiently powerful and sophisticated production methods to be used to supply the Bluecar (and those of Bluebus). A new factory on the Ergué-Gabéric site and the current extension of the existing one in Canada will significantly increase the production capacity for the batteries to provide at the end of the year 2013, 300MWh, the equivalent of 10,000 30kWh batteries.

General specifications
Volume (l) 300
Mass (g) 3000
Communication bus CAN
Thermal specifications
Internal temperature 60°C / 80°C
Temperature performance range -20°C to + 60°C
Electrical specifications
Energy 30 KWh
Rated voltage 430 V
Peak power 45 KW (30 seconds)
Battery voltage range 300/435 V
C/4 charge 75  Ah
Mass density 100 Wh/kg
Volume density 100 Wh/l