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Autolib' Autolib'

This 100% electric, high-tech car with its on-board computer and GPS, gives the driver access to all the necessary data (battery life and driving indicator), but also the means to contact and interact with an operator if needed. This is a car that is truly connected!

To make your driving experience easier, the Autolib’ vehicle is equipped with an on-board computer, which simplifies your journey by giving you access to various information:

  • A digital screen displays all the data relating to the smooth running of the Bluecar (remaining range, tachometer, battery charge gauge).
  • A digital screen provides the interface with the Autolib’ operating system (user guide, GPS, etc.). This screen also displays any information or warning messages. For example, a warning will be displayed if you leave Île-de-France and drive outside of the Autolib’ service zone. The message will be sent to the call centre who will ring you on the car’s telephone.
  • An FM radio
  • A button allowing contact with the call centre in case of an emergency, for example should the car breakdown or you have a flat tyre.