Our vision of car sharing

« We are convinced that sharing electric cars improves the everyday lives of people in Île-de-France. »

The sustainable mobility

The sustainable mobility

Launched in 2011, Autolib’ takes on two major issues of our time: simplified travel and environmen-tally-friendly solutions. Since its start, the company has come to represent an alternative, eco-friendly transport method in Île-de-France. The practical, affordable, 100%-electric Autolib’ cars al-low users to travel freely.

La mobilité libre

A unique car sharing system

Un système unique

A unique car sharing system in the world

With its flexible, electric system available 24/7, Autolib’ has changed travel habits and decreased the need for personal cars in Paris and in more than 100 towns in Île-de-France.
This innovative, affordable, and practical service is entirely user-focused. Autolib’ was designed first and foremost to provide the comfort of a constraint-free travel solution for its users.


Eco-friendly electric cars

Committed to an eco-friendly approach from the very beginning, Autolib’ has signed up for the Di-rect Énergie green energy plan. This plan ensures that renewable energy equal to annual consump-tion levels is injected into the network.


Our main mission : reconciling quality of life and city quality

Car sharing

Car sharing: a model for the future

Car sharing came about when we realized something simple: having a personal car in a city had fewer and fewer advantages, but a car offers a freedom of movement denied by any other transport method.

Making a fleet of cars available for subscribers to share decreases the number of vehicles in circula-tion. Car sharing thereby improves air quality while also limiting traffic and parking problems.

Every subscriber can freely use one of these cars to get around as long as they follow certain rules.

The specificities of Autiolib' car sharing
spécificités de l'autopartage Autolib'

The car sharing is electric: Bluecars, subcompact cars, Blueutility cars, and utility vehicles are all electric cars by the Bolloré Group.

  • Based on self-service: the Autolib’ badge lets users rent a car in under 5 minutes at any of 1,100 stations in Ile-de-France.
  • Available 24/7: subscribers can rent an Autolib’ at any time day or night and reserve their car or parking space in advance.
  • Flexible: thanks to its “direct route" system where cars can be rented from one Autolib’ station and returned to a station of the driver's choosing (not necessarily the one they left from)
Key figures for Autolib':
Chiffres clés de l'autopartage Autolib"
  • 4 000 cars
  • 1 Autolib' rented every 5 seconds
  • over 250 million kilometres travelled
  • 25 million rentals
  • 86% satisfaction rate